Illusion Created By Heart

The majority of life is full of shit

Yet I excluded the one I’m with

As if he’s above the rest

But if it is I who but him upon that pedestal

Where does the blame rest?

How can I be upset

When I chose to be blind

Only saw aspects that coincide with mine

Coincide with my character

Coincide with my heart

Creator of my laughter

I’m not mad at you

For what you never were

Yet up set at the things he does?

Because it is something I would never do

At the same time knowing

What I am isn’t you

Therefore I’ve played my own fool

Stabbed myself in the heart

Can’t be upset at something

That wasn’t there from the start

Holding my chest as blood

Leaks from my scar

Shocked at  the revelation of what you are

And what I portrayed you to be

Taught a valuable lesson  

Of sight and which one sees

An illusion created by heart

When my chest becomes hollow

Only then will I depart

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