Can't Make or Break Me

Can’t no nigga

Make or break me

No matter how long

It takes me

To sort out the truth

I will always live with me

Why should I give

A fuck about you

Now I’m through

Tired of this shit

Left the arms of comfort

For a few seconds

With a bitch

Your actions snitched

And showed what was real

Get caught up in your lies

You gonna have to deal

With my wrath

Cause when it’s all through

You lost

What you’ll never again have

Never again see

A strong, black, beautiful

Independent woman


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When all is said and done to lose irreplaceable ME.... good luck seeking out the next one.

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Jay McWilliams's picture

This was crazy!! Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!

Much Love 2 U...

Michelle's picture

This is what I'm talking about! Women not letting some dumb guy bring us down! He's missing out! But you are not! You have talent!

Janie Lynn's picture

Yep you are something irreaplaceable every woman is! I really do feel you on this one!!!