In a sense that doesn't mean rest


In a sense knowing theres nothing left

But to leave


In a sense where I want to be with me

Without the pressence of others

No longer will I carry

Burdens to be smothered

Subjected to shutters

Closing out the world

Remembering who I am

And my yearn to be a bird

How I want to be FREE

Away from all Troubles, Lies, & Negativity

Is what I see

As I envision my slumber

Closing my eyes I wonder

Could this ever come true

Without the pressence of death


So I rest

Didn't realize the calmness

Because I was holding my breath

Ready to leave

Woke up as you pulled my sleeve

Blinked my eyes to find

It was nothing

But a Dream

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Jada Park's picture

U captured this feelin that alot of us feel. Nicely written

raminastar's picture

How in all the insanity can we find a way to say exactly how much we yearn to be alone, to change and to just let go but the overwhelming feeling that death is the only way leaves you helpless and hopeless, you have said all this and more to me here, I feel every line and every breath, the tone and the depth. ::silence falls::

there are no words.