Once more

English poems

Once more

In an unexpected moment

You came out of the blue

To reach out to me

Make sure I’m okay

And let me see the light ahead

Once more

You are there to listen

To speak softly to my ears

Tell me things will be okay

And that you’ll be there

All the way

Once more

You are here beside me

Wiping the tears from my eyes

I would want to say I love you

But not the way I love him

Not passionately

I wonder why I never fell

When of all you were the one

Who never gave up on me

Who stayed beside me

When I break

You put me back together again

Sometimes I wish

It’s you who’s holding me

Yet when I close my eyes

You, I cannot see

I guess we’re just friends

My heart just won’t let it in

For it fears that if I love you

We’ll end up the way the others do

I guess I’m afraid to lose you

It’s our hearts’ cue

Once more

You understand me when I say

That this is how we would stay

Though I can never love you the same

You’re here to speak my name

To calm me

To warm me

Once more

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