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English poems

Oh mom I thought I’d write a poem

Of how much you cared for me

But when I sat and picked up my pen

The words didn’t come to be

I couldn’t describe how you hold me tight

When I’m wounded or in pain

Or how you’d frighten the boogey man

Who hides behind the pane

No words came out when I tried to tell

Of the time you went to school

‘Coz you thought some kids was bullying me

Oh mom, you were just so cool

I can’t even say of the time when you

Had to save me from the flame

Or about the time I broke your heart

And still you love me just the same

Oh the words are just so hard to find

A poet is something I can’t be

‘Coz there’s only these words that I can write

“Thank you so much for loving me”

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