My mommy's deal

English poems

I can’t tell you how new daddies feel

‘Coz I have only mommy

But I can tell you how mommies deal

When they become a daddy

Mommy had to try hard to adjust

Working not only at home

For there are much to them that was thrust

There’s no time for them to roam

Mom had to know electricity

And how to bake cake and cook

Had to be smart and very witty

Do things not just by the book

Eight hours on weekdays for office work

Remainder for cooking food

She can still have time for my school work

There’s no space to change her mood

Our weekends would be the laundry day

After that the grocery

There’s so much work, very hard to weigh

The burdens mommy carry

There’s consolation in all of these

When to her I smile and laugh

When I say thanks with a hug and kiss

Mom says I’m her wooden staff

So being both mommy and daddy

Is quite a tough job to do

But when I show love to my mommy

I see magic strength anew

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