Mom on your misery

My songs

I wonder mom

Why you weep so much

Why blame yourself

For my failures

No one said that you

Did anything wrong

It was by choice

What I’ve become

You pray every hour

For my salvation

And yours

It’s so confusing

My only mistake

Was to fall in love

And not mind

If anyone’s hurting

If I’ve caused so much pain

I’ve repented mom

It’s enough

I stand by my actions

Stop blaming yourself

Stop blaming me

It’s not my fault

You’re in misery

You conditioned your mind

That you’re a mirror

Of everything

All of my being

No one assigned you to it

We were made with free will

So why punish yourself?

Why punish me?

I’m old enough

I can think for myself

What I do

I am responsible

Don’t make a big issue

Of how I run my life

Don’t make an issue

Of my beliefs

If you don’t see me praying

Don’t assume too much

It doesn’t mean

I don’t believe

I just have my own way

Of dealing with God

It’s our pact

It’s our mystery

I’m sorry if I can’t please you

I’m sorry if I’m not like you

Oh please understand

I am but human

So stop blaming yourself

Stop blaming me

I love you

But I have a life to live

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