All I need is a single hello

English poems

All I need is just a single hello

To know dad, that it is you on the phone

I’ve grown to recognize even your tone

From the soft one to your strongest bellow

All I need is to hear your loving voice

And I would know that you have come for me

To wipe my tears and to keep me happy

The comfort and peace are all in your voice

So in every pain that my heart would feel

I would wish more often the phone would ring

For each tone that it sounds I know would bring

Closer to my heart your voice that would heal

Just a single hello is all I need

And I would know dad you are there to heed

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meso's picture

And how important it is for fathers to be present while their children grow! To be part of their live... as they face life's challenges. Good work.


Elizabeth Frilles's picture

What a sweet, lovely piece!