Don't stop me loving you

My songs

I can take all the pain that you’ll give to me

I can take all the hatred they’ll feel

Anything you inflict

I can take all…let the world see

You can burn now all of my pictures

You can throw away all of my things

But I tell you this my dear

You can do anything that you please

(Just don’t/ You can’t/You won’t) stop me from loving you

‘Coz it’s the only thing I can do

And it’s loving you that keeps me alive

So please I beg you don’t stop me loving you

You can push me away if you want to

You can even stab me in the back

You can end my life here

And keep me from getting near

You can simply ignore my existence

Not believe a thing that I say

But I tell you this my dear

There’s one thing you can’t take away

If I’ve caused you pain

Or had hurt you

I never intended to

If you’ve stopped believing in what I say

I simply pray

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