Let the pen wait

English poems

I sit and think a while.

What would I write about?

I try to exhaust my head

of words that would catch your breath.

But it seems hard to think today;

the further I go the deeper the words sink.

There's nothing here to pull them out;

no reason to let them be seen.

I find no words in my head.

They have gone along with reason.

Along with love, they sailed off to the sea.

Now I find them not, now that I seek.

In dismay I put my pen down;

just for a while until the words are afloat;

until love is blown back to my heart;

until reason is meant for the words.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I created this in 2002 when I couldn't write any poems or essays anymore.  Suddenly I had no reason to write not even the daily events in my life are reason enough.

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very clever....
very very clever...
good job
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