First day at pre-school

English poems

I wonder if I’ll send you out

today into that world about

‘coz I’ll miss you for sure, no doubt

a whole day out, a whole day out

I wonder what you’ll do out there

Will you gain some friends and play fair?

Will they be nice, will they be square?

Oh would they care? Oh would they care?

I wonder how your day will be

Will your teacher be just like me?

Will you even still think of me?

Will you miss me? Will you miss me?

I wonder if you’ll think it’s cool

Or will you just sit on your stool?

This new day makes my worries pool

First day in school, first day in school

Not just a few hours of low

For it’s the first day you will go

The first day of what I fear so

Letting you go, letting you go

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