I pray

My songs

The coffee spilled on my hand

And brought me back to reality

That you’re not here me

And I’m alone I see

And then I would watch the rain fall down

Behind my teary blurry eyes

I try to deny that I miss you so much

Yet everytime I try…I cry

Everytime I close my eyes I see you

Everytime I close my eyes I cry

Everytime I think of you

On sunrise and sunset

On moonlit nights

I pray

All my sanity almost left me

And there was nothin’ else to hold on to

So I try not to think of how our eyes met

And I try not to recall

But time has its way of playing with us

And making us see a glimpse of each other

Now no matter how hard I try to forget

Yet all of these times I tried , I failed

That soon you’ll come back to me

Find your way to my arms

Hold me tight

Like you did that night

When you said how much you love me

I pray

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Katie Morgan's picture

Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVED this!!!! it is so incredible! good job!