Ode to moms

English poems

When we were babies they’d give us milk

And carry us when we would cry

They’d changed our diapers so we’re dry

The first people to love us are of their ilk

They’d pack our meals to bring to school

Always making sure we have healthy food

They’d buy us books and teach us good

That when we grow older we won’t be fools

As we find our own ways they’d watch from afar

Making sure still that we would not stray

They are always ready should we lose our way

They would run so fast to clean our scar

They would cry for us when we’re in pain

They would celebrate our joys and success

Their only dream is our happiness

And you will never hear them complain

Yet their hearts are what they mostly give out

Their lives they offer to us out of love

O moms, they’re guardians from up above

Ready to be with us all throughout

And so to all moms, I send out a toast

To moms who are moms for real or by virtue

For your mom and my mom and for you a mom too

The best creatures on earth who give  love the most

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