Perfect World

My songs

One last touch

Give me one more chance to hold you tight

At least for the last time

One last kiss

Give me one more chance to kiss your lips

Before I say goodbye

I know it was perfect

We were so perfect in this imperfect world

Yet I know it will end

Sooner or later it will

For it is not meant

In this imperfect world

Say goodbye

When everything seems to be so right

We can never win this fight

No we never will

For we are shadows

In this imperfect world

We are shadows revealed in the darkness

A perfect team…pair

In this imperfect world

We are reflections

Of a dream we cannot realize

For it will be only of disguise

In this imperfect world

If only we’ve met before we fell

If only the world gave us a chance to see

That we can be

But this is not the time

Though it is real

So give me one last chance

A chance to say goodbye

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