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I enjoy reading, writing, singing, dancing, clowning around. I love to eat at different kinds of restaurants and visit cultural programs. I just started dabbling with painting. Hey Beyonce said, everytime she paints it sharpens her harmony. So why not? I have been writing poetry since I learned how to spell. Don’t worry it got a lot better. I'm the mother of five beautiful children and I reside in the DC metropolitan area. I was born in Durham, NC but I was raised in Washington, DC by my great-grandmother. Early in life, I decided to use writing to help relieve the frustrations and pains I felt. I continue to use my writing for my own personal growth and to help others in any way possible.

I self-published my first two books in 2001. For a Chosen Generation is a small collection of inspirational poetry. I began when I was sixteen years old. Both the manuscript and author endured years of transformation until a small but powerful product was produced. My second book, Somewhere Inside of Me: A Journey Through My Life, is a collection of autobiographical poems and spoken word pieces. The collection consists of sections that covered various areas of my life; from my sensuality to my spirituality. Those who have read the collection come away with a strong since of empowerment and the courage to face life’s conflicts. Both collections were printed in limited quantity but will be made available once again in the coming year.

I hope you are all looking forward to reading my newly released book Anatomy of a Love Jones. It is a poetic journey through a year-long love jones. Ever had one of those? It’s crazy! If you’ve never had one, you have been spared and now you can read all about it. If you are one of the many former Love Jones members, then pull out a box of tissues and reminisce.

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