"My pain, now your gain"

Theres a gain, thats more true to the pain!!!

Consider my friend,

So called phase in your life,

Where even the most vibrant temptations,

Would seem just like a passing thought;

Where even the sincerest prayer,

Would seldom call out to the sensation,

'that' used to be;

Where even the gentlest of smiles,

Would only mean something,

Next to just a masquerade.

And still you find yourself hanging,

To that single thread thats left,

Of what used to be a multifarious,

'rope' of desire, still wishing for the stars...

My friend, thats my gain, thats worthy

of all the pain, but just make sure,

You don't live to love in vain,

Or that u don't love to live in vain,

For heaven sake, its all the same,

Why cry in vain?

But beware, what was my pain, yesterday,

Just happens to be your gain, today!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

pain is the most refined form of pleasuer

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