"So Am I"

                                                               Man Man is a born slave,So am I .

Like a flame I free from the candle wick,

And in the darkness alone,I try to glow,

Let my ignorance blind his ego .

Man is a born dreamer, So am I,

Like a lonely star, in an empty sky I creep,

All through the night,shining and then fade .

Let in my dreams be his eternal esplanade .

Man is a born sailor, So am I ,

like a free floating log, across the sea I cruise ,

And with the gentle ripples ,I rise and fall .

Let my journey be the one to his discovery .

Man is a born warrior ,So am I ,

Like the great men ,I fight as my shadow .

And in the battle wreck , I stumble onto him .

Let my war be the one to his redemption .

Man is a born preacher ,So am I.

Like a child , I speak through my silence ,

And with the passing time ,right through him , I float ,

Let my words be the crusifier of his God.

Man is a born sinner ,So am I .

Like a dew drop,on the morning flower I sit ,

And in the gentle wind ,I dance and fall.

Let my sins purify his soul .

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Juliet8's picture

I love this poem, it's very descriptive in a metaphoric way, and I like that type of writing. You're a very good writer.

"Every Saint Has a Past and Every Sinner Has a Future." ~Oscar Wilde
<3 M.M. Plagmann

Manju Kiriyan's picture

hey krish... manju here... it's an old poem..i know,...but was just reading it and i thought it was good. always knew u were! keep them coming. u don't seem to be putting any more up. guess u must be too busy! well.... catch ya laters.