pantomime games

Dreaming of a sky that of a summer night

thoughts all clouded by fairy tales

Long shades of trees in the twilight

Leaping across the hills and dales

I drew my foot across the stream

That ran down through the hills and fields

And I paused upon that dream

of the childhood days ,much yields

Like a cloud that drifts with my mind

far and above the mahagony hills

As the road to my past unwinds

into the heart the harmony fills

with brush strokes of mawkish colors

through cotton trees and abandoned mills

I followed upon my footsteps and that of my brothers...

As decieved by time and guided by fate

not the least a tear drop the pain

But neither me nor them nor they

could forget the sun,the wind ,the rain

As the ghosts from the past ran down

Upon our lives linking the chains

of all thats left as a mottley crowd

what once was known in the country lanes

where we flocked in the summers crowd

As a bunch of toads that ruffled the dames

Upon the path of pimpernal fields

Now fades behind the curtains of pantomime games

Reaching the stars bridging the seas

All but carried was the child in me

who strolls into his past searching for peace

And with a seared heart ,still about the summers

                                        night dreams.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

that i would spent my entire lifetime fighting for a course that ain't worth it....

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Manju Kiriyan's picture

honestly.... the critique made more sense to me than the poem!!!