Days of rain


Shrouded by the gentle murmur,


Of raindrops falling to break,


Upon the straw-thatched roof you join me under,


Patiently we wait.



I look upon you and wonder,


If I asked...


Would you stay?


Here behind the drawn curtains,


A veil water glassy.




And now,


As the ripples die,


The pitter-patter turns to silence,


You wake, turning to leave,


And I whisper...











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Miiranda31's picture

I got chills from this

I got chills from this one.

Very well.

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Can't take all the credit

It's inspired by a japanese animated film titled "Garden of Words/Kotoniha no Niwa". You might enjoy it if you liked this. Well.. assuming I accurately conveyed the movie's tone.

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Quite beautiful and sensual

Quite beautiful and sensual without descending into the tawdry.


[* /+/ ^]

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I do try my best. I

I do try my best. I want to write more romance but it only comes to me rarely