Death Becomes Him

The broken man he cries

Crawls to grasp for life

Falling short of anything

Feeling everything slip from sight

No more love to come his way

Every day as black as night

He's made it all like this

Though his mistakes are not all his own

Circumstance has taken its toll

Every hope he had, he missed

Now barely hanging on

He struggles to exist

Ever so patiently

He awaits his final hour

Praying it won't be too long

Hoping death will devour

The very soul he owns

So he'll never be alone

He will cease to be

Finally at peace, will he

Have no worries ever again

His pain, so unkown

Darkness creeps within

Taking him to his grave

Everyone forgetting the good in him

Only remembering the problems that he gave

No one to ever weep

No prayer of a soul to keep

Nothingness appears

As for eternity, he sleeps

Still wishing for a way

For all his existence to disappear

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