Never Could've Had a Damn Thing Go Right

If you think I miss her

You know you're full of shit

If you think I need her

Then there's nothin I can say

That you will ever get

I found someone

Someone I right now can't be with

But even living for hoping

Barely even coping

Miserably moping

At least now I exist

So many nights I spent

So depressing

So incredibly distressing

Questioning and guessing

Everything til I wanted to slit my wrists

Or take so many pills

Drown myself, stab myself, shoot myself

But you know I never will

Myself, I just can't kill

I will always

Find some way to deal

With having no one I can really miss

So take your stupid thoughts

Worth less than shit or piss

Shove em back up your ass

And listen to all of this

She's gone

She's wrong

She's moved on

And I don't miss her kiss

I don't miss her tits

I don't miss that ass

I don't miss those lips

Either set, take your pick

I don't miss her shit...

All the shit she said

Makin me pray

For the day of my death

Killing me slowly

With every single breath

Wishing for some way

That I could keep

From snapping her stupid neck

The perfect time

To not have cigarettes

Giving it up was

My biggest mistake

Because all of her I could not take

Without something to

Make me forget

How much she was really using

My trust, constantly abusing

Battles with her, always losing

From the moment that we met

That bitch can eat a dick

Oh wait, that's what she did

But the dick ain't even mine

The dick she ate was his

So I'm happy she's happy with him

At least she left me again

This time for good

And if she tries to get back in

I don't know

What I might do then

But it would be bloody

Was she fuckin him already, was she?

It went on for so long

I was so stupid

And way too fucking loving

So now I don't feel nothing

Except anger, hate, no sense of trusting

If she thinks all my cussing

I did every time she spoke to me after that

Was something

She should see

What I can be

And how very ugly

My face can be

When I beat her repeatedly

For all of the times she mistreated me

For all of the lies I believed that she

Was not really saying

Every day praying

That she was behaving

Like the woman I wanted

Like what she promised

And not what I thought she wasn't

Not what she knew she shouldn't

I tried to be forgiving

But denying is what I was

Because forgive her, I couldn't

Let it all go, I wouldn't

Bottle it up, I did

All of the bullshit lies, she hid

Hoping I was blind or didn't mind

Thinking everything was out of sight

Constantly altering

Everything she ever told me

Meaning nothing at all

Whenever I'd hold her and she'd hold me

All of her shit got so fucking old, we

Never could've had a damn thing go right

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