Kayla (Do I Know You)

I thought you were everything

I could ever truly want

So amazing, so beautiful

Picture perfect on the front

But hiding so many things

That I don't know what you are

Hoping you are what you said

And not someone torn apart

I can't say this to you

Because I think that you might leave

You came into my life

When I was at my lowest

And for that I owe you

But do I know you

You've already promised me forever

Like everyone before you did

But they all cheated and left

What makes this so different

What can I really get

Are you all this and more

Am I a fool for wishing for

Something better

Than all I've ever known

So that one day

I will feel so alive and not alone

I'm giving myself again

Though I'm so scared

Where do I begin

But I'm doing this so you

Can trust me and love me

But if you don't go, you

Might find that I don't know you

The mistakes that have

Been haunting me so long

Are things I can't take back

So I can only hope to make somethin'

Right instead of wrong

Could you really be

With someone as old as me

Someone broken,

Yet holding their heart open

And though you know me,

Do I know you

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