I know I live in evil ways.

I look at myself and see no face.

There is an abscence of heart I'd like to replace...

But I am the man of permanent disgrace.

I'm sure it all went to shame.

It's a game we play

To find the harshest words to say.

Don't look at me like I was the one to blame.

I don't know you.

I don't even know your name.

Forget me

For forgetting you.

Let me go.

I'm tired of letting you place everything on me.

You're stalking me,

Always talking to me like we're good friends.

It's harmful and startling

That you think we could make a pleasant amends.

The present is when it ends.

The past was a laugh,

And now, you're just going with the trend.

I'm sorry if...

I was never there.

But you never understood

That I don't care!

You're more than a thorn

In my side

Or a scorn on my pride

Causing pain inside.

You're useless!

So useless!

It's hard to be

Someone hard to see

Cuz everyone's on your case,

And you have no place

All your own.

It's misery

When they never leave you alone.

Leave me alone.

I'm not all

I'm cracked up to be.

You came to me

And then backed down

And then came around again.

I don't need you.

I don't even remember you.

You were too much to take,

But you never

Got the hints I'd given you.

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