Dip the Bag

How do you like your tea

So damn sweet

On your nose

In your mouth

After you lick it good

Lick the meat

I'm headed down south

To work it out

Lookin for work

Makin it hurt

You don't think I can

But daaammmnnn!

I'll do it right

Do it all night

Til you can't stand

When you scream no more

It's time to go to the floor

Fuck, it's tight

Let's do it til we're sore

You'll lose your sight

Whatever you demand

I'll do as you ask

I'll rock that ass

I'll give you a high

Higher than a kite

I'll dip

Dip dip dip

Dip the bag

Dip dip dip

Dip the bag

Whatever he can do

I can do it better

The truth is that

Me and you

Could have whatever you want

So phenomenal together

All night through

Maybe chains

Maybe a change

Maybe leather

Try something new

Don't worry

Nobody can hear your moans

Hear your groans

Except for me

But I like your friend

She can cum, too

I'll dip

Dip dip dip

Dip the bag

Dip dip dip

Dip the bag

Don't get mad

Don't be sad

I'm just makin tea

It's for you

Not just for me

I'll go from one mouth

To another

Everything is more

But still never enough

With more lovers

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