I keep finding

Myself fearing

That somehow

You won't get near me

That one day I'll be


Hurt again

I know I'm being stupid

And I know I already knew it

I was afraid I blew it

But then

I found out you understood it

That you weren't angry

So I thought how could it

Be so amazing

I can't stop it or

Forget how good it

Really is and I shouldn't

Be feeling anything less than

Completely in it

I know I knew I loved you

And I really meant it

But I let foolishness take hold

And absent-minded, I've been it

I know that if you'll still have me

I have to put this all right past me

Learn to love you more gladly

And stop treating you so badly

You don't deserve how mistaken

I've been lately

And my heart is achin

From knowing I've been anything less to you

Than amazing

I doubt myself that I can be amazing

You always tell me I'm amazing

But can I really be amazing

When you're the one that really is amazing

Please just trust that such stupidity is just a phase and

That I will try so hard to give it up

Because there is no time for us to be wasting

And no chances we should be taking

Of letting anything we've built be shaken

The only one that could ever love me right

Is the only one I could miss tonight

And everything I have needed

And someone I have yet mistreated

And couldn't be sorrier

But hope this mess is completed

Something so amazing

Is harder to find

Than any riches, so I'm facing

The dilemma of my other side

Coming out while the good one hides

But I promise I will kill that man

And leave him behind

Because I can't miss out on you, so amazing

Nothing but truly amazing

So very very amazing

That I can't believe you're mine

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