Aloha Lady



Her flowered scarf is bold 

Lady of the fishing village

Open market by the banyan tree

Recluse on an island of peace

Papaya, pineapple,mangoes

Mossy mountain spires

I hear the rain, fragrances delight

Plumerias and jasmine

Walking the road to town

Everything like time stood still

Wood bowls and spoons

Rice and fresh fish

Mahi Mahi menu

Tropical drinks, happy hour

The breeze from the sea

Nap on a hammock

Lanterns and candles

A game of cards


Waves and the tide

Surfers conquer giants.

Ebb and flow, life is quiet

Lovers wearing ancient beads

Bright flowered cotton shirts

Moonlight on the coral reef

Walks in romantic ambience

Docks on a bay of azure blue

Aloha smiles welcome morning sun

Her scarf of papaya dreams 

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KindredSpirit's picture

I should of ended up there

It is everything I loved.


It must of been so great !

Stuck on an island

But oh well

Has to be

Better than the hell

I have seen.

Sassylass's picture

Were you there for a short while?

like after coming home or something?

yes I loved it there.

thank you:)


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....