Youthful flames

 white hot tongues 

Still flicker out to stroke

 erogenous memories of days long gone

 passions flared and dared

 to accelerate life to limits unknown.

Now lost beyond recall that assumes insanely 

wheeled vehicular velocity 

down recondite pathways

 towards mature boredom.




Aging forbearance,

 tempered by fear,

recall  motorized 

hormonal  impulse fade,

oddly muted by 

 squeak of bones and failed Cortex,

 vibrating echo unleashed

 energy-fed metalized emotion.


Fading past, neural connections

vaguely perceive a one-time urgency 

ridden on cushioned spine of cycle thunder.

darkling twilight life,

 denied passionate pursuits

 and erotic entanglements;

"immature" forms of life

 carry as ineluctable,

 burdensome baggage 

light -speed journey,

unfettered youth dismount 

raging, snorting  stallion

 stable it in some pleasantly remembered, 

quiet pasture to graze.


 Not a stranger, well accepted

rheumy disconnect ironic life;

proud stallion sits in my garage,

monster on two wheels rejected 

reaches 60 miles an hour in 2.9 seconds.

 mad, inertial doom arrested,

 failure to wake it one last time.

 ignite great explosions 

psychological defiance 

amid the burnt cinders, decelerating life

, it sits there patiently lurking,

 malevolently plotting

, a cataclysmic death-wish in the making.

All I need to do is sit upon its saddle, 

turn the key and stroke it from its slumbers.

Who knows but death may be

a better lover in this fatally erotic form?

A coital moment, 2.9 seconds from infinity, beckons.   


Author's Notes/Comments: 


i used to.

driving, .i liked to drive fast .

my need for speed

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So did I

I have to take this one slow.