It was extremely cold that day, frosty breath showing in the bitterly cold, frosty air.

Even so,it was a beautiful winter day in Lake  Arrowhead, white storm clouds blowing away the gray, the blue sky  now clear and bright and shimmers of light of dripping icicles, like diamonds in the pines were falling earthbound.

It began, a day with a good feel,my cares falling of like war torn rags left behind. High on life, I did my rounds,having begun this,my second job,at 1500 hrs. All seemed quiet.

That was a happy thing as I hadn't been on this job at security in this resort hotel very long yet.

My inexperience and lack of much training would prove to be a most threatening experience later on.

 Sitting quietly conversing with my back up officer, Scot, the evening approached with more intense cold to accompany a perfect sunset over the deep blue waters. All still seemed quiet at dinner. I meandered alone through pines and winter foliage to checkout the docks as night fully clothed the mountain.

Suddenly my radio chirped and Scot said,

" There is a loud party going on in the lakeside Villa apartments. Neighboring guests called that in about suite 756. I'll meet you out there!"

I picked up my pace ,moving toward the Villas, wondering how to best handle a large party with possible drug usage and drunken party people. "A rowdy Christmas party!" I muttered to myself.

I  radioed the front desk to inquire as to the name of the guests in suite 756.  

" That would be our local ski resort people, Cher." Oh, that should be easier, I thought.

I met Scot and walked a little further toward 756. 

"How should we handle this?"my  younger male partner asked. I looked back and quickly replied,

" You don't have any ideas?" I was now, on the spot,in the lead.

" Okay, we will both go inside the foyer to the door to ask them to tone it down." I said, wondering what other options I might employ. 

"Well, I think I'll wait for you outside in front. You go ahead. I'd just ignore it and say I never heard my radio." Scott declined.

Now I was pissed off. No backup and a job I'm paid to perform.

" Well that is brave, Scott!" I hissed.

I approached the foyer and then the door to 756 with my pulse, thick with adrenaline, like a mighty river through my brain. 

Knocking loudly to be heard over blaring rock music, I yelled

"Security!" Shouting it three times. "Security!".

The door opened abruptly,  while a guy with cocaine on a mirror in his hand glared at me.

"Hey Alec,look who we have here! A security chick!" he bellowed.

"Please could you tone it down a bit. Other guests have complained." I quiet.y,but firmly asked, thinking I'd call the Sheriff when I got back to the front desk.

" Alec,she wants us to put a damper on our party. What do you say? Yeah...." he yelled  over Kiss music blaring

The door opened wider and suddenly my clothes tore, many fists pummeled me and a rage  of an angry mob descended upon me in a torrential down swoop of party-goers vacating 756, loudly running through the night laughing and screeching profanities!

 After they passed by, I was left on the ground ,not totally conscious ,bleeding,ragged and alone. 

Scot had heard it roaring out  of the room ,witnessing every balcony in the hotel watching this uproarious event, and  he fled. 

When I could radio for Eric in maintenance Dept. I got help back to the safety of the Security office.  My glasses were broken , I had a huge lump behind my ear ,I was bleeding from vicious scratches to my face and chest from so many people that I could not even identify as my attackers. I wrote out a report later that evening. Scot was fired. 

And,my attackers as a group from the mountain's ski resort?

They were cast out of this Hotel Resort and banned from coming back, until I said they could. I didn't press charges,but I could have done that.

I learned very quickly how to proceed with future security calls and my body eventually healed. It left me much more cautious.

My future was determined to be a learning experience that would later on save my life in other encounters of "rowdy, " people.

I also enrolled in martial arts defense classes. I would need that too.


A life experience to last my lifetime.

Not just, you say?

Well that's life.

Live, Love and Learn!


(Scot was later hired back by me after I was promoted to head of security at Lake Arrowhead Resort.

Yes,he also learned to be loyal,doing an excellent job in security. 

He just needed time to grow up into proper responsibility and attitude of integrity.)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, it's history for me now. I count it all as happy I am a survivor!

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KindredSpirit's picture

Just read

You never know about people.

That is crazy that they would do that to you

When you were just doing your job.

Maybe I was lucky cuz I worked security

Doing concerts and bars when I was in between

Jobs and college when I was 22~23

Never got beat up.

But I do have some stories.

At least you learned.


More stories when you get a chance

Sassylass's picture

And Scot

i later re hired him under me. See,soft heart, forgiving heart.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Sassylass's picture

I'm on it

more stories coming:)

and KS, thank you,

It wasn't the last of getting a beating ,however.

later on one put me in a wheelchair for a long time.

thats life.

others have suffered worse....

l am fine ,although not physically the same.

im recovered enough to limp along.

:) Koko


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Morningglory's picture

Loving this read, koko! You

Loving this read, koko! You kept me in it all the way. 

Copyright © morningglory

Sassylass's picture

I am getting my skill reworked, honed

for publishing. I must work a lot towards anything worthy of publishing.

im glad it kept your interest.



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....