I walked in a nonsensical direction
in the comforting warmth of the mid afternoon sun
carelessly casting my shadow before me.
I led myself, as it were, to nowhere;
Anywhere but here and now
without wind to guide me.
Advancing forward by curiosity,
and dull intuition,
and the invisible,inexplicable shadows 
that cling to fragments of well worn memory.
Other times, places, spaces in between many faces

My feet, rooted in warm sand and
behind my dark sunglasses,
true colors paint my sleepy canvas.

For a while I amuse myself
with nothingness and everything,
reading only between the lines
of the crumbling sidewalk
and cobblestones of a backstreet.

It is then something is suddenly birthed inside
that awakens me to the universe
and for a moment, I see heaven….

My muse,still a poet,wonders how to write… 
As the seasons blend together
under the warm Oahu winter sun.

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Just read

Love it.


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mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian.

im glad it spoke to your soul:)



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....