Life was never very dull working at Lake Arrowhead Resort,but Sunday's were usually quieter after guests had checked out.

I was sometimes the only one in the office, while another officer was doing rounds.  But quietness might be shattered by chaos at any moment at any time. That will lead me to relate,yet another adventure I lived.

It was quiet,I was relaxing,weary from a 60 hour work week.

My Security partner was out, in who knows where, doing rounds, a job we took turns doing on Sunday. Suddenly my radio chirped, a frantic voice telling me that a guest had viewed a drowning victim in the lake.

I jumped up,running full on speed ,out the side door,down a path to the lake.

The radio, with me alternately giving the front desk orders for a 911 call  and me asking for more information about this victim , left me barely able to breathe,running as I continued toward the lake.

 The male victim was a suicide attempt as told by witnesses. 

He had been heard cursing anyone who came near him, saying he wanted to die. I thought, Oh great,he'll fight me and drown me with him,not good.

I continued to run what seemed like forever,radioing to paramedics,giving directions as to the streets nearest his location.

While I worked out,did martial arts and ran/walked several miles a morning, the pace of this run was beginning to feel it's effects. How was I ever going to swim in and back out with a fighting suicidal man?

So, I radioed for backup from my friend, Eric from maintainance to come down lakeside.He had access to a hotel golf cart to get there to assist me. And,how I'd need him!


To my relief, when I reached the docks where the suicidal man was,there I saw a big Paramedic swimming him in to shore. Another greeted me,just as I collapsed. When I came too ,I had three men worriedly working over me. An oxygen mask was over my face.

" The kid is 19. He's cursing you for saving him. Maybe we just should have....." The paramedic said,disgustedly.

I laughed,then cried,tears rolling under the mask. And I thanked God.


They took cursing ingrate boy to the hospital and when I was better ,they put me on the golf cart to go back to the hotel,at my insistence. I insisted a lot!

I had to get back,so I thought.

Eric drove us back,half carried me to the cafeteria ,put me on a bench and went to grab oxygen from his dept.

It took me at least an hour more to recover from that adventure!

I realized laying on that bench, that I would not have been able. That lake is extremely cold and I was exhausted as when a runner in a race " hits the wall", all energy spent.  We would surely have drowned if help hadn't arrived in time.

At least the real heroes showed up in time for both of us.



by Koko

true event in 1993

written June 21, 2016


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am NOT a hero.

I believe in giving my ALL to my job or any others If needed,when needed.

Today I remain friends with my boss at that job. 

ive gotten more wise,but  even yet, I'd surprise myself with gut instinct reactions to an emergency. I'm just a responder without thinking danger first.

And this event wasn't my first time responding to an emergency.


i later cried ,but I'm known to be level headed until all danger is over.then I act like a woman and cry.

Be blessed!

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I will Read

The stories you tell.

I have did things that i do not remember.

But people claim I did it.

I dont know.

But it always makes me laugh.

Good job.