Ghostly Encounter

Do you ever consider what things happen in a hotel when you stay in a resort?

Well, I have many stories to tell,but one at a time.

Some will be x-rated.  Definitely some language if I am to tell an honest event.


I was the head of Security in a large resort hotel and night Manager as well.

That led to many, many adventures and trials, all very interesting to my love of human behavior.  Yes, some caused me to kick the wall on my way back to my office. Some events left me sad, dumb founded,but all left me a wiser soul And much more tolerant of people, acting with grace, self control,and encouraging people to be better. It all made me better.



One such event led me on a ghost hunt.

I was in the parking lot out front of Lake Arrowhead Resort and noticed a light on and a woman in a blue negligee in the window. I knew the room to be unoccupied. Having experience in knowing that people do break into rooms,cleverly ,I might add, I went inside a door to the hallway and saw her there near the room's door.

"What the hell?" I thought to myself.


True to hotel protocol, I radioed Eric, an engineer maintenance man, to come back me up.

As Eric arrived , we used a pass key to enter the room after yelling "Security, Manager" several times and knocking loudly.

"Eric, I saw her from outside and followed her down this hallway and she went into this room!

I saw her outside and inside!" Eric turned pale.

"What? what?" I exasperately inquired.

"I will tell you after we check the room first. You'd think me crazy."

said Eric.


As we opened the door, the light was on, the room empty,but shockingly,there was an imprint of a body outline on the bedspread and pillow!

We both turned pale. "What the f.....?" I rasped.

"Eric,I fucking saw her!" I cried out.( Yes I can swear when provoked)

"I believe you, it's happened before this, I've seen her too before and always in this room."he confessed. Look the history of this room up!"


Now, I'm both curious and ticked off at myself. I sent Eric back to work,went to the front desk and then in back to the hotel archives and records.

Searching that room number,114, I thumbed through much in paperwork for quite awhile, until I found something that raised the hair on my neck!


This was year 1994. The file dated 1983, was a security report stating that a 35 year old woman had checked in,expecting her ex-husband to join her at the resort in hopes of reconciliation. He never showed. Later in the evening the sound of gunshot was heard by other guests and reported to Security.

As that officer entered room 114 ,he found her dead from a shot to her head, still dressed in that blue negligee.


I didn't believe in ghosts,but I saw, Eric saw this more than once and I've no further explanations for it. It didn't scare me. It made me ponder a lot about the "other side".

And,finally,this documented event would not be my last encounter of the paranormal kind.

Stay tuned,I'll be writing other life experiences and adventures soon!

Koko....Cheryl Kooomoa

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My work in this hotel was  almost unbelievable.

My life has just been that way, unbelievable!

stay tuned more is coming.

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Enjoyed this story. I've had

Enjoyed this story. I've had a few encounters myself. Tell us more!

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