Everlasting Springs


Everlasting spring rejoices in my heart
Bold declarations bow to forgiveness
My spirit heals with tender green sprouts of joy 
deep within the soul a fire glows.

Dancing lights on the river bring springs of joy
New buds burst forth with faith
Eagles wings of praise soar above the valley of sorrow
the wind listened to the whispers
of my cry.

A smile only encourages everyone like the dawn of hope
Every broken reed shall be mended
The meek inherit the earth renewed

Red roses grow like sentries in the garden
Trees of the field dance for joy
Fields of sorrow blossom with new wisdom
Hope prevails against the cursed

The reign of evil shall bow down
Greed shall fall slain never to rise again
Embrace the cross and watch for love  resurrected .
Open your blind eyes and see the light of your salvation
Among the broken collected pieces of yesterday.

You will hear the song of love calling
The faithful shall pass through the valley of the shadow of death
Grace prevails and wisdom is my Shepard.

Give thanks for the songs of jubilation
Thankful for the delicate roses that perfume my path
Thanks for putting your robe around my shoulders and your ring upon my finger
My beloved who calls me into His everlasting light.
Give thanks with a grateful heart
Within the hues of moon glow,
joy flies to the heavens

Copyright © Cheryl  Koko Koomoa | Year Posted 2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, she has multiple sides.complex, but true.

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KindredSpirit's picture

I read this before

And wanted to comment.

Now i forgot what I was going to say.

It is always better for me

The first time.


This poem reads like a Psalms to me.

Actually better then most.


That was the main thought

I had.


Sassylass's picture

I am grateful it

Speaks to you as such.

i have a lot in my soul from the Bible.

it is another side of me that is a stronger side.

My relationship with God is strong or I would be dead by now.

a psalm.....I give all glory to Him who spoke the words as I wrote them.

thank you for caring to read it a second time


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....