Too Late?


Some times when I write 
it feels like heaven.
I feel the past,
I certainly want a future, 
but a past remains important to define me.
Yet, I am drawn to virtue

The light within is pure love
healed like an angel,
beauty of character;
The western woman
misunderstood and stereotyped.
The package means more
than I truly am, all I offer.
Opportunity,offered as a burnt offering,
To love people beyond the vain,
denied access to rebellious rain,
dark secrets like tides flooding night.
I've been jaded for a long time.
I await cryptic poetry.
Do you hate the suffering? 
The poor, the lonely,
tears of a heart opening.
I want to be healed
Fruit, sweet as kindness,
Love, unconditional
beyond the conventional.
Can you hear me call?
I hope it's not too late.

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KindredSpirit's picture

Really like it.

Really like it.

Sassylass's picture


a cheerful encouraging thing, thank you, KS.

I'm glad it speaks to you. I have much water under the bridge,good and mostly damn hard.

im going to write real life accounts from my life.

just gotta kick my ass to do it.

but like I'm trying to say, what hasn't killed us made us stronger!

your Kindred Spirit ID suits you.






Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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That's the way to be.

I AM like you in that way.

People might not believe the Truth

When you write about it

Because it seems farfetxhed but

It is what needs to be said

Before you are dead

It needs to be said .



Anyone can write a Fairy Tale

Real life has to be lived.

Morningglory's picture

like the way you said it.

unconditional love...

I once thought

I had achieved it

then I got scared

and I didn't believe it

but now that I look

i realize the truth

i needed to give it

to myself too

Copyright © morningglory

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Keep believing!

im pretty picky now.

i wonder....

but there is truth about accepting a person just as they are,no expectations,no changing them afterwards.

and that swings both ways

most of all ,I see you needing to love yourself more.

put your old poems back up!

you have more worth than you believe.

hugs. I'm here routing for you


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Morningglory's picture

I'll start putting them back

I'll start putting them back up. Though I think I butchered alot of them while revisiting them last year. 

Copyright © morningglory