The Chapters in Winter


The dim light of the moon 
shimmer, shine,shivers
threads of silk, quietly through crystal window pane
snow flakes dance in winter's breath.
Spatters of silver splashed upon a hard cold floor;
Soft hushed silence bares a pale essence,
his warm body quilting mine.
Warm moist skin beads with intense love play,
exemplary psyche of a man.
Held close in his arms,my thoughts ponder;
Will I reap all I have desired with him?
I will hope our clandestine rendezvous will be
First Chapters of Love; how shall it end?
Pouring fruit of the vine,
pleasure my whim to taste more,
our lips, a delicious dessert.
A blizzard entree of emotions fill us full
I am left wanting more and more of him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote  this poem in 2009 before my husband passed away.

 Passion and love were there in an immense measure.

I wish love to everyone who reads and enjoys what I wrote.


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Catching and persuading



"Sometimes I wish Upon a Star with the clouds Far behind..." - Isreal K 'Somewhere over The Rainbow'

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Thank you~

ever so kindly.

im glad you liked it


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....