Searching For Identity


Looking in a mirror; what did I see?
Just another  failure looking back at me
A cup of cold water is what I had sought
But what I sipped of ,was not what I got.

I have been searching for who I should be
And everyone saw something different in me
Told me who I was but I could not see
The woman inside that really was me

I searched all over and could not find her
All that I saw was only a blur
I thought that I had it but I couldn't find
Who that I am inside of my mind

Now that I'm older and ready to die
All I can do is to figure out why
Every time I thought that I had found me
I was just left thirsting for identity

© 2009 Cheryl  Koomoa(All rights reservEd


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I'm like a mini you. You're

I'm like a mini you. You're works always resonate, Koko. Hope you're doing well. The moon should be back in the skies for us soon. Let's not feel so blue. Hugs.

Copyright © morningglory

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crying all day.

Not only am I missing Kindred Spirit hugely,I lost a bestest girlfriend to cancer.

i hope that something bad didn't happen to KS.

i don't know if he had disappeared for awhile before now.

He told me privately last Friday morning that he would be back as soon as his phone had recharged.

That is why I'm worried about him.

Communication was several times a day,not only in poetry posts.

and I gotta wonder if in any way I am responsible for his abscence

 I'm pretty miserable between both things

thanks HW! Hugs, Koko


ps this was a very old outta words right now

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Oh Koko!

I've been through the same thing before. I hold out hope that he just went camping and went too far to be in cell range. Lemme know if you hear. I sent a pm to him but heard nothin. I'm like you, afraid it's my fault. Though I didn't really do anything but nothing.

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my time is about to expire. love to all

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....