Through The Eyes of A Child


Bouncing in gleeful gallops
blowing bubbles of happiness
smiling eyes crinkle with joyful surprise 
at the colorful balloon rising to touch the stars.

The wonders of heaven calling him
minuscule fingers hold on to life
a child's sweet innocence 
giggling,  delighted glee
While searching for discovery
holding on to the moon.....
Night is time to dream

Sunlight streams in glittering shafts
brightly through the picture window
landing on the carpet
through the eyes of a child
it is a magical glowing ball
he reaches for it with marveling excitement
laughter sings in the breeze
morning is time to play

Unexpected amazement
fills me with wonder
as my son toddles in expectant delight,
picking up the ball of light
and throwing it back to heaven

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simplicity & imagination

a child's mind is a beautiful thing

pure and curious

a wonder to behold

precious and free