Summer Romance


Long summer days in hot sultry heat,
You and I shared kisses ever so sweet.
On sizzling sand, with blue skies above
As the sun baked us brown, we lingered in love.

With arduous kisses as summer shined on,
Making hotter the sand that our bodies laid on.
Cool waves rushed under us, quenching our skin,
We knew this romance wouldn’t happen again.

Tenderly, we let our hearts to break free,
Sharing deep secrets between you and me.
Eyes dancing with magic and love on our face.
Discovering love found in one embrace,

One kiss at sunset, and love came alive
United, we knew this love would survive.
Realizing that our love was forevermore,
Here on the beach, was what we had searched for.

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so romantic I am a romantic

so romantic I am a romantic at heart thank you for sharing.