Pearl Skies

Love Poems

There is a time of day that calls him back to his place by the sea....  

When all the troubles and hurts seem tomelt

Under softness and peace of misty velvet skies,

glistening pools of pearl pink reflecting the heavens;  

She whispers in the melody he longs to hear...

A song of his heart  

Her breath is in the wind, her perfume intoxicatingly surrounds him

in an aura only known by him.  

The cares of the day dissipates with each embrace

as they sway in a dance to their favorite song;  

Sunshine and freckles beaming up at him....  

Why? Why do you like that song?  

He blushes a little and looks with faraway eyes,

Shifting her with a quick step motion in the dance,

So she'll become just a little distracted from gazing deeply into his loving crystal pools .  

And more persistently asking him once again,


He remembers under shell pink skies changing to violet;

The candlelit table set with wine and roses.....

Their unending dance  

Soaked with romance

The kiss that swept them as a whirlwind.... 

Some things never do change;

The love I feel for you as the sea still roars 
and the sun sets with a blush of brushed color gloaming
in the pearl pink paradise....

But some are kept for tomorrow's loves songs
and sweet pearl sky remembrances.


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Beautiful scene, dear Koko.

Beautiful scene, dear Koko. Things about this reminded me of one I wrote a couple years ago. Love purple!

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Thank you so much

yes you and I are romantic women!

hugs, Koko

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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No doubt about it. I see

No doubt about it. I see romance in so much. But... today, my mood is a bit off for romance. My head flies all over the place. Never know what's gonna come to get me. Keep up the romance, I wanna relish in your works when that kinda mood is with me. You're sure to inspire something. :) Appreciate you! Hugs

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