Hands Making Love


Strong fingers slide softly down the velvet of my cheek, 
Your loving touch makes me feel so weak, 
Your eyes close with surprise of my kiss on your fingertips 
As you lovingly caress along the sotfness of my lips.... 
Firm hands pull me closer, electric in touch 
I fully surrender and want you so much, 
Fingers dance lightly down length of my spine, 
As your lips take possession pressed firm over mine. 
Hands that make love to milky white skin... 
Flesh lit aflame with desire within 
Finger, seeking , searching, trails of fire 
The strength of your touch make me warm with desire. 
Cupping possessing, your hands take a tour, 
Breathless response, our eyes meet with allure. 
Melting and meeting your loving hands touch, 
Hands making love and I want you so much. 


Cheryl Koko Koomoa  2016

(all rights reserved)

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