Love Poems



Jasmine scent fills the air 

Golden glow of moon

Warmth of breath on cheek

Dancing under diamond stars

Content in loves embrace

Whispers in my ear

Speaking seductively 

Words I long to hear.


Fingers lightly tracing,

Longing for a kiss

Hearts beating in sync

Eyes that search my soul

Wrapped in arms of love

Fingers trace down spine

Passion sparks ignite

As yours lips meet mine


Fondling supple curves

Hungry lips explore

Passion fills the night

Love I can't resist

Flick of tongue's caress

Hips rise up to meet

Quivers of desire

Taste of honey sweet


Emotions on the edge

Rhythmic bodies move

Glistening heated flesh

Consumed in melting fires

Love becomes fulfilled

Piercing passions cry

Two become as one

Under starlit sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've got a secret.

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ToLoveLikeAphrodite's picture


This is just simply amazing!

Peace and Love,



Sassylass's picture

I like the rhythms and rhyme pattern of this!

i learned it from another writer.

its different.Kinda primal.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Sassylass's picture

Thank you Kaitlin

Many sides to us women.

im very candid in poems about many things.

it helps release stuff.

its healthy!

what I really am doing in real life is private and kept in personal conversation if I choose to tell it. I won't usually kiss n tell though

discreetly closed mouth about this.

Message me any time.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....