Just tell me why


Just tell me why

Came my desperate cry

To which all you had to say

Was you don't know

Inside I am tearing

Like an old well worn shirt

Nothing inside me

Is what I let show



My dreams never ending

If I were to die today

Would you ever cry

Just tell me why

Came my broken cry

To which all you had to say

Was it's nothing

I can't understand

Why can't you just give me a hand

Just tell me why

Comes my fleeting cry

You tell one girl that you are mine

That I am yours

You know she's the only one

Who I have to turn to

So just tell me why

It's my final cry

Knowing one day soon

You will learn that I died

Over not knowing why

You will not cry

Not even when I die

Just tell me why.

Aching inside

Faking stone

Just tell me why I am so alone

Just tell me why

You will not cry

Even on the day I die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah things are really bad for me right now. I love her so much so I don't know why she can't just love me the same way I love her.

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Unreciprocated love, one of

Unreciprocated love, one of the hardest, most painful feelings. It's hard for both people too. I've been on both ends of the equation. My heart goes out to you.

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It wasn't that in the end

It wasn't that in the end that was the cause. "Just tell me why/ Came my desperate cry/ To which all you had to say/ Was you don't know." I'm pretty sure that's the wording. That was from the talk her and I were having. In the end it wasn't that the love wasn't returned it was that she had a bad few days. I'm glad to have the old her back because she's a great friend and so much more.