Dance with me


Again with a start 8:30 am

The bells chimed

Inside the eyes of my mind

All I can think is the boy

The boy I used to know

He would hear bells and chimes

Music about our ears

He would jump with glee

And cry out dance with me

As the bells chimed

Inside the eyes of his mind

Dance with me angel faced girl

Came the desperate plea

Come and dance with me

Slowly as we spun and twirled

It was his way of escaping this world

A mask outside

The whirlwind of life

Removing his air

As day by day went by

Come and dance with me

As we heard the bells chime

In the eyes of our mind

I danced those days

With the angel faced boy

So soft and innocent

No regret about his eyes

As he cried, "Dance with me angel faced girl"

As he heard the bells and chimes 

In the eyes of his mind

Sleep evades even now

He isn't there to come to me

Dance with me

He would cry

Hearing the music in my minds eye

And we would dance

Whirling around

Escaping this world

Not making a sound

Only the welcoming call

Of dance with me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you and miss you big brother. If I had been there I would have asked you not to go.

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Beautiful dance. Really

Beautiful dance. Really lovely read.

Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you. I took one of my

Thank you. I took one of my former best friends who was like an older brother to me and I wrote about him before he died.