Any more sane


Sanity is only a ripple

Upon the pond of life

Stare down at any water

It changes as the moon changes

As the sun changes

As the water inside moves

Take a mirror about the ground

Even the slightest touch

Spirals a ripple

A stone can change

Even the deepest of waters

One more hurt

One more tear

One more ripple.


Who is truly sane?

For inside we all have sanity

Yet we all have insanity

Is the cheerleader

Any more sane than the smoker?

Is the nerd, prep, athlete, brainiac

Any more sane than the cutter?

No, for everyone has their secrets.

Cheerleaders might smoke

Even just for a while,

The brainiac might cut, 

Even just for the once,

Yet deep down doesn't

That change the surface

Of the pond.


Touch anyones surface 

And you can see

What once was reflected

Isn't what is to be

Yet somewhere inside

Longing to be free

Is that little person

Who is what truly is to be

Scared or broken

Smart or depressed

One in the same don't choose what you like best

Anyone can be anything

When given the right stone

So don't assume your alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is written for one of the few truly brilliant girls I know who has also taken depression head on. I know it's not something that you would expect. After all, aren't the smart people supposed to be happy? For her even the smallest pebble can create the most dangerous ripple. Happy belated birthday babygirl. I wrote this for you. 

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This is lovely! I love the line "What once was reflected/Isn't what is to be", especially. As people grow older and change so does what is reflected, yet at our core it is our experiences that shape who we are in the now. Wonderful write indeed!

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Thank you so much. I had read

Thank you so much. I had read yours and it was pretty much what happened with your post to mine. I'm still adding more and more. I got so much to let out but so little to really say. It confuses me at times so I sit and I write. Sometimes it's good. Other times it's not.


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Poetry is the things we think

Poetry is the things we think but do not say, essentially.


If you have a lot to let out, then that's great! Sometimes I just sit and write down everything that is on my mind at once, then look back over it and pick out the strands of thought that I think would make a good poem. Having a lot on your mind can be an excellent thing, and it doesn't really matter if it's good or not, just so long as you are actually writing and creating. 

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I am writing and creating.

I am writing and creating. It's not so much whether or not it's good. It's that the ones I find to be my best wind up on here. Right now I have a fresh muse somewhere. They keep pouring out of me as if a waterfall of poetry has been found. It might be my girl. Or my past. Or Lix making a secret mental note to me to write like I have never written before, but something just has brought this out of me lately and I can't tell why. I think that's a good thing. None of these are edited or refined which makes it worse. I sit down type it up then post it.


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It's an excellent thing! The Best thing! Even if you can't tell where it's coming from, that's still absolutely fine, let it all pour out onto the pages and pool there, all the eddies and twists of thought that are in your brain. As for editing and refining, I actually write my poetry up in a separate folder (elsewhere on my computer) before posting it, and I have sub-folders of what has been posted and what has not. Sometimes the unrefined form is the best though.

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My poetry is how I can be

My poetry is how I can be completely honest with either myself or the world around me. If you edit that and take away what is behind it then you are denying yourself the full gratification. I don't edit my poems. I don't like to because they are the only way to truly be yourself no matter what. I don't have a folder for them mostly because this computer is so old that there's only wordpad on it until I can get my new one this year for Christmas. That's a different story. I'm just not the type of person who likes to edit her poems I guess. It's the only way I can get it all out. I have so much internally that happens when I write and if it's too scattered it get's thrown to the side but today I have been on a really good streak and have since my anniversary with my girlfriend.