I love to sit in forest shade

for the song of the birds and the bush

is a sound that gives me pleasure,

and the smell of the greenery lush

is a soothing scent and a healing balm,

and there I forget my woes.

I can while away a dreamy day

where the fern and the rata grows.

To contemplate the kauri's height,

to marvel at the width of its girth.

How different Aotea was

when it first pushed its head through the earth!

Now its topmost branches high in the sky

float dark against clouds of white,

while its feet in the dankness of the earth

spread wide to support its might.

Spagnum moss on the forest floor

weaves a carpet fit for a king.

Sweet peals of silver through the trees,

the chimes of the bellbird ring.

In the air to the steps of a silent waltz

Pert little fantail dances,

while the warbler grey sends some notes away

and his mate who is listening answers.

Oh, to sit still in a forest,

serene and yet pulsing with life,

soothed by peace that is total,

a world that is foreign to strife,

to dabble one's feet in a cool,clear stream

fed by a mountain fall.

There's many a way to pass a day

but that way's the best of all.

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