I hate those mathematics:

All that adding and division.

The little numbers won't obey,

Laugh at me in derision.

I hate those mathematics,

Multiplying and subtraction.

The answers keep on changing and

It drives me to distraction!

I wish that I had never heard

The sound of trigonometry,

And it makes my very blood run cold

Just thinking of geometry.

Don't ask me of percentages,

Don't speak to me of fractions.

I'll never get the hang of those

Mathematic interactions.

Those figures lie there on the page

Like soldiers, all in rows.

I take a breath to steady me

And then we come to blows.

But I know it's an uneven fight;

I'll never win this war.

Those mathematics shoot me down

Like all the times before.

So I've given up my struggles with

Numerical dictators.

I'll never be their master, I'll

Just stick to calculators.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I didn't used to be too bad at maths,but as I get older I don't seem to think as well and shy way from sums.

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Gail Little's picture

LOL! Oh, now this was cute and I sympathize with it as well. Seems math loves to laugh in your face. Truly loved this. :)

Karyn Indursky's picture

I think the image of numbers and calculators laughing is too funny. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Price's picture

two words math sucks. i hate math to always failling it. jees.
great poem

onelilartist's picture

I love this poem. I hate math too and don't even want to get better at it. I'm with you on the calculator bit. LOL

chris's picture

Great job with this1
I loved reading, it was good, it was funny,
thanks for sharing it with us