Song is the vibration of existence; the tonal waves and ecstatic joy

Of creation; to hear it is to be receptive to our inner heavens where

It is always rising.  True singing is always from the divine breath.

Orpheus lyre bidden music rises, always rising, lifting the saddest mien

Of hell; and, Pluto that dark lord is relieved from the commission of

Death.  Song, as Orpheus teaches, is not desire leading to entrapment.

The songs we sing with our cleft mind doesn’t last because it resounds

With the notes of desire; true singing is a breath about nothing as is the

Wind blowing endlessly from a god seeking only the infinitude of joy.

The happy union of both song and lyre makes a bed in our ear that lulls

Us to contentment beyond the mind separating us between heaven and earth.

Where is death when celestial music is an eternal lullaby of divine wind?

The metamorphosis of an Orpheus is always here but we do not follow;

Instead, the sirens of our cleft mind continues to seek the enthrallments

And embellishments of a temporary wind blowing through hollow reeds,

Left with the husks and the hollowed out logs in these deserts, we can no

Longer hear it is Orpheus coming and going until we allow Krishna to

Blow us through  his flute as a divine wind seeking no other embellishments.

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....always always an inspiration your words.

keep them flowing.