The man rises to her with his member but her acquiescence

Is the final arbiter and approval of his authority to do so; she

Defines the borders of all his masculine thrust by that acceptance.

Men are guilty of their overreach, of their explorations and of

Their suppositions of understanding the beloved.  Because of this

They suffer the interminable durations of her withholding love.

What was it that he said or did to cause her to define the borders?

In his convoluted logic, he failed to understand that she is the

Repository of feeling and she could not feel his love for her.

He adds insult to injury by proffering his largesse to her when all

She wanted was his gentleness and not his vehemence.  Finally, he

Elicits her love by her condolences of loving him as a child.

Finally she entrains him in the mysterious ways of a woman who knows

That her gentle scolding will make him take stock of himself and when

He returns to her, he will be well acquainted in the softness of love.

She is the repository of feeling; moreover, if his feeling for her is not

In consonance with the way she wants to be treated as a woman then

It is his loss.  For this, he must study with diligence to gauge her feelings.

To become a receptacle is not to become a dumping ground; she is the

Repository of a great mystery of creation and for all of her gestation she

Must fully apprise what she takes in. May men be forever mindful of this.

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excellent piece and good advice to the guys, yes a woman wants to be treated like a lady, there are three parts to men and women Women-child,seductress,woman who wants to be respected Man-child,stud,man who wants to be respected It must be 50/50 or it doesn't work