Between the hearts beat out love continues to endure;

Between the teeth our tongue speaks of forever love;

Whatever we do we find our self in this loving posture.

As spectators of the ever changing world; we live to

Hold on to the enlivening dawn as if the sun never set;

We are overfilled and arranged it so love would not fail.

Whenever we see the future it is forever full and healed;

And so is the world healed through our invisible hears.

Our love is forever alive in childhood and future ages.

This constant heart beat never slacks with assailing doubt;

Our winter hardy foliage is a testimony to its endurance,

Not only through time, but in seasons of nature’s fury.

Whatever lamenting of sorrow, it flows into a violin; into

A melody played on the strings of our heart, so that

Nothing grows less in our abundant being.  We are alive.

Once where enduring structures once stood, our love

Out lasts them though our inner conviviality that sees

The external dwindling at odds with everything else.

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