May your silhouette never dissolve to my eyes

Never go far off from me as I will be as an empty

Train depot waiting for you when trains are parked

In an industrial park asleep and I remain uncheered.

Should you leave for a day, that day will have stretched

For and interminable duration and tears from my lachrymal

Glands will merged into a flow and the smoke of anguish

Looking for a home will roam heartwise choking me.

I cannot suffer your absence because I will dizzily wander

The earth looking for you beseeching and asking, “When

Will you return my love unto the buxom of my heart?”

It seems like I wanted you all for myself and this is true;

For this I am a savage and atavistic. For whatever grace there

Is in this world I choose only the home of the savage heart

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very poignant piece!