Let me sleep

I do not sleep at night

I long to talk to someone

Long to be held tight

Even when she wasnt here

I could always rely on her

Id talk to her, take away the fear

Insomnia at its worst

It was only a surprise at first

But i know my mistakes

I endure them for both of our sakes

I know my heart doesnt lie

And I refuse to just sit here and cry

Pray for a call, pray for a text

Im just fooling myself

I really need to rest

The downward spiral, so invitingly

Treading so lightly

Forsaken me

Dreaded paper in front of me

Draw me a map so i can see

Around the corners and through the mist

Where i might find happiness

Light the way to my path

Let me escape all this wrath

Does she feel me, does she care?

She keeps it all in

She does not dare

But still, ill always be here

With only loving embrace

Shed not a tear

And maybe one day when all is said and done

We can share our nights again, and our rising sun

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